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Game Overview for Stexe Test 01 : 3840 BC
The uploader is currently not connected, so stats might be out of date.

Game Information
Map Type Custom_Continents Turn Timer None
Climate Temperate Turn Limit None
Sea Level Medium City Elimination Limit None
Era Ancient Speed Normal
Victories Score, Time, Conquest, Domination, Cultural, Space Race, Diplomatic
Options City Flipping after Conquest, No Barbarians

Player Summary
* Player Leader Nation Score Status
* Stexe Huayna Capac Inca 31 Offline
lumpydumpy Unknown Unknown 31 Offline
* Gilgamesh Unknown Unknown 31 AI
* Montezuma Unknown Unknown 31 AI
* Bismarck Unknown Unknown 31 AI

Game Log
Toggle player login/logout events Toggle score increase/decrease events Toggle new turn events Toggle player status change events Toggle player finished turn events
Time Player Event
3/11/12 10:37 pm Uploader disconnected
3/11/12 10:35 pm Stexe Logged out
3/11/12 10:34 pm Stexe Finished turn
3/11/12 10:34 pm Stexe Logged in
3/11/12 10:32 pm Bismarck Finished turn
3/11/12 10:32 pm Montezuma Finished turn
3/11/12 10:32 pm Gilgamesh Finished turn
3/11/12 10:32 pm A new turn has begun. It is now 3840 BC
3/11/12 10:32 pm Uploader connected. Version