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Game Overview for batatas game : 4000 BC
The uploader is currently not connected, so stats might be out of date.

Game Information
Map Type Custom_Continents Turn Timer None
Climate Temperate Turn Limit None
Sea Level Medium City Elimination Limit None
Era Ancient Speed Normal
Victories Time, Conquest, Domination, Cultural, Space Race, Diplomatic

Player Summary
* Player Leader Nation Score Status
Charlemagne Charlemagne Holy Rome 29 Unclaimed
Qin Shi Huang Unknown Unknown 29 Unclaimed
* Zara Yaqob Unknown Unknown 23 AI
* Isabella Unknown Unknown 23 AI
* Willem van Oranje Unknown Unknown 17 AI
* Mansa Musa Unknown Unknown 17 AI
* Tokugawa Unknown Unknown 17 AI
* Gilgamesh Unknown Unknown 11 AI
* Hammurabi Unknown Unknown 11 AI

Game Log
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Time Player Event
9/8/11 10:59 pm Uploader timed out
9/8/11 11:17 am Tokugawa Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am Isabella Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am Mansa Musa Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am Hammurabi Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am Willem van Oranje Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am Gilgamesh Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am Zara Yaqob Finished turn
9/8/11 11:17 am A new turn has begun. It is now 4000 BC
9/8/11 11:17 am Uploader connected. Version
9/8/11 11:14 am Uploader disconnected
9/8/11 11:14 am Uploader connected. Version