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Game Overview for Essexsoft : 4000 BC

Congratulations to Oneprince of the Egyptian Empire

In the year 4000 BC, Oneprince led the Egyptian people to a
victory, and will be forever remembered as the greatest ruler in all of human history!

Game Information
Map Type Fractal Turn Timer 24 hours
Climate Temperate Turn Limit None
Sea Level Medium City Elimination Limit None
Era Ancient Speed Normal
Victories Conquest
Options No City Razing, City Flipping after Conquest, No Technology Trading

Player Summary
* Player Leader Nation Score Status
* Oneprince Hatshepsut Egypt 32 Online
* James Unknown Unknown 32 Online
Ragnar Lodbrok Unknown Unknown 11 Unclaimed

Game Log
Toggle player login/logout events Toggle score increase/decrease events Toggle new turn events Toggle player status change events Toggle player finished turn events
Time Player Event
11/11/06 10:03 am Uploader disconnected
11/11/06 10:03 am James Logged out
11/11/06 10:03 am Oneprince Logged out
11/11/06 10:00 am Oneprince Finished turn
11/11/06 9:59 am James Finished turn
11/11/06 9:59 am Oneprince Score increased to 32
11/11/06 9:57 am James Score increased to 32
11/11/06 9:57 am A new turn has begun. It is now 4000 BC
11/11/06 9:57 am Uploader connected. Version