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Q: What is this?
A: CivStats.com is a free service that allows Pitboss players a way to see a bunch of information about the games they are playing on the web.

Before CivStats.com, players had to log in to the game simply to see who has and hasn't finished their turn, or how much time was left until the next turn. Now it's much easier! Click "List of Games" up top and view the stats for one of the games in the list to see an example.

Q: I am the administrator for a Pitboss game and I want to have my game visible on CivStats.com
A: First, create an account. Then click on "Add a game" on the Site Navigation bar and complete the easy-to-follow directions.

Q: I am a player in a Pitboss game and I want to have my game visible on CivStats.com
A: Tell your game administrator about this site!

Q: Isn't it unfair to allow players to see exactly when other players are logging in? Combined with being able to tell when scores increase you can even tell when two players make a trade!
A: My reasoning is this: The information that's available on civstats.com is the same information that someone could get by just staying logged in to the server and watching. They could see when people log in, and when people's score increases. This means that the unemployed guy that does nothing but log in every hour to check up gets an advantage over the players that can only log in once per day to play their turn. I find that by making the information available to everybody it prevents this slight advantage that a more... jobless person might get. You can tell when two players conduct a technology trade because both of their scores go up at the same time. But then again, you can get that exact same information (even more actually) by closely watching the foreign advisor.

Q: I have a question that is not on this list.
A: I prefer that any questions be asked on the Civfanatics forums. My username there is OverloadUT. You can also email me at OverloadUT@civstats.com

Q: This FAQ is clunky and hard to navigate. Plus it doesn't have very much information in it.
A: I know. Sorry.